Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Canucks game, Vancouver Flying VeesIt's been over a month, but I'm back to updating so you'll have another way to waste two minutes while you should be working.

During my time away from the blog I was indulging in some of my other hockey fantasies. First off, I went to Toronto to play in the Exclaim! Cup, the annual hockey tournament of the arts featuring all your favorite Canadian semi-celebrities, like Chris Murphy of Sloan, Dave Bidini of the Rheostatics (and author of one of my favorite hockey books, Tropic of Hockey), and George Strombopolous of The Hour. My team, the Vancouver Flying Vees, went an unspectacular one win, two losses in the tournament, but we ruled the musical part of tournament (each team forms a band and performs one night of the tournament) with a short set split between Velvet Underground covers and hockey rock n' roll.

I picked up a few random cards from the 2003 Exclaim! Cup tournament, including these of the two teams that beat the Vees, and this one random Wheatfield Souldier. I have to say that these guys had the best jerseys in the tournament, featuring the Winnipeg Jets' honorary captain, Burton Cummings.

Back in Vancouver, I got to fulfill a hockey fantasy that I never thought would happen: playing to 19,000 people during a Canucks game. Despite the fact the Canucks blew the game and their season, it was pretty sweet playing from the front row of the balcony and exploring GM Place with my media pass.

More posts soon!


hockeydad said...

enough with the bigtime stuff; we demand you return to the dark, damp basement to pour over hundreds of pieces of cardboard made for children, just so we can snicker a little bit.

Josh said...

Glad you're back, and that Wheatfield Souldier made my day!

Sal said...

That Wheatfield Souldier card is awesome in more ways than can be counted.

Velvet Underground, eh? I'm just starting to get into these guys...

Anonymous said...