Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Ever Hockey Card

#25 - Titan the VooDoo Warrior
1994-95 Slapshot Vancouver Voodoo Team Set

This is clearly, without a doubt, the best hockey card ever made. From the back of the card:
"From the dense rainforests of northern British Columbia comes Titan the VooDoo Warrior. Titan leads the VooDoo tribe into battle as they claim another victim and celebrate each VooDoo goal in a ritual known as the VooDoo Bongo Beat."
Instead of using one of the many native groups that actually live in northern British Columbia, the Vancouver Voodoo organization adopted this Polynesian-styled character as their mascot. It kind of works: Titan is a gaudy perversion of native culture in the same way that the RHI was a gaudy perversion of the NHL.

The VooDoo tribe may not exist in BC anymore, but it lives on ... as a bar... in Malaysia?

From some random person's travel blog comes this amazing neon sign from the Voodoo Pub & Bistro in Penang: