Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hockey Card of the Day #31, 32

Jonathan Cheechoo, San Jose Sharks, 07-08 Upper Deck, Series 2 two, hockey, hockey cards
#326 - Jonathan Cheechoo
07-08 Upper Deck Series 2

San Jose vs. San Jose? Bullshit! They had half a season to get a photo of Cheechoo and they the use one from the team's intra-squad game.

Pascal Leclaire, Columbus Blue Jackets, Upper Deck 07-08 series 2 two, hockey, hockey card
#271 - Pascal Leclaire
07-08 Upper Deck Series 2

Why is it that Schwarzenneger gets to be in all the best hockey villain movie scenes?


Rob... said...

I gotta say I love that Pascal Leclaire card.

And its hilarious they used in inter-squad game.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

How cool Leclaire may be, he aint got nothing on Tom Barrasso and his asphalt rubbers.

andrew said...

Ahnold uses asphalt rubbers when he makes sweet love to his wife Maria.

DWB said...

Question: Am I crazy or was there not a Pele Lindberg RIP Death Card? I have been trying to find it.

Anonymous said...