Monday, April 14, 2008

Wish List #2

Don Cherry, 00-01 Topps, hockey, hockey cards#GG-DC - Don Cherry Game Gear
00-01 Topps Stars

While this card is on my wish list, there's no denying that it is tackier than most of Cherry's suits. Every trading card company is dropping the ball when it comes to Don Cherry memorabilia cards. I hate to give away my great ideas but here's a freebie: make the suit in the photo an actual patch from one of his Hockey Night in Canada suits. Imagine getting this card with a small piece of authentic Don Cherry plaid. That'd be the hottest card since Gretzky-2000.

And while I'm giving away great ideas, I'd like a Ron MacLean memorabilia card with a patch from one of those old blue Hockey Night in Canada jackets like he's wearing in the video below, please.

Representatives from Upper Deck or In the Game can send job offers to Anyone with this card or the Linden card from the last wish list post can send trade offers to the same address.


DWB said...

I'm liking these wish lists.

hockey nets said...

Seriously there should be some other hockey cards of don cherry in his more colorful suits, now that would make for some good hockey cards

Bruce said...

yeah, a don cherry subset with his 10 most awful suits ever would be pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...


Derek said...

I have this card if you are interested in buying (not trade), lemme know.