Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wish List #1

Trevor Linden, cordless phones, 97-98 Leaf, Vancouver Canucks, hockey, hockey cards#188 - Trevor Linden (A Day in the Life)
97-98 Leaf

As much as I love Trevor Linden and cordless telephones, $8 after shipping was just a little more than I could justify spending on this gem. But instead of letting it pass me by altogether, I've decided it time to start the Get High on Hockey wish list! Friends, family, and fans can all take note that all cards added to my wish list make great presents for all occasions! Hell, even a decent scan of the back of this card would be a pretty nice surprise. I'm dying to find out what they could possibly write on a card like this.

Two other cards from Linden's "A Day in the Life" series also caught my attention: #196, "Window's '94 Linden" is another beauty whose bidding was a little to rich for my low-income ass. Oddly, #195, "Beach Bum Linden" was not looked on as favourably by the discerning collectors, selling for just sixty cents. I guess I should've snapped that one up.

But seriously, I may be playing GM Place again next year with the Flying Vees, and I'd be surprised if Linden isn't involved with the Canucks somehow. "Cordless Linden" is just the kind of card I'd love to have autographed, so let me know if you have it and we'll make a deal.


Estabilizador e Nobreak said...
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My Left Nut said...

That looks like Bob Saget.

I love these old cards. I actually have some from the WHA set and the set with the Seals.

Josh said...

If you could get Linden to autograph that card it truly would be priceless!

Anonymous said...