Monday, August 11, 2008

Hockey Pins

Doug Wilson, Chicago Blackhawks, Score 90-91, hockey, one inch pins, buttons,Hockey pins are now available for $2 each! Each 1" pin is lovingly handmade from an authentic NHL trading card. Special requests accepted. Email bszine(at)

Lots of pins available (click to view flickr set or see individual pins below):

Wendel Clark - 1 2
Link Gaetz - 1 (sold out) 2 (sold out)
Michel Goulet - 1
Dirk Graham - 1
Dale Hawerchuk - 1
Kelly Hrudey- 1 2
Guy Lafleur - 1
Mike Liut - 1 (sold out)
Lanny McDonald - 1
Kirk McLean - 1 2 3
Marty McSorely - 1 2
Mark Messier - 1 2
Stan Mikita - 1
Gino Odjick - 1 2 (sold out)
Gilbert Perreault - 1
Bill Ranford - 1 2 3
Patrick Roy - 1
Denis Savard - 1
Ilkka Sinisalo/Kevin Hatcher - 1
Stan Smyl - 1
Doug Wilson - 1

$1 flat rate shipping to anywhere will be added at checkout. Be sure to specify which pins you want in the paypal comments section.


Martin Sasseville said...

Great idea! i just sent you the payment for the Link Gaetz one, all my friends will be jealous!


HockeyTard said...

Wonderful. You are a gentleman.

Bruce said...

thanks for the order dude! i hope i have some more link gaetz cards around.

hockeytard, thanks for the write up on your blog. i'll be sure to add a link to your site when i finally get around to adding links.

WHA power forward said...

This is the greatest blog of all-time.

Please, post pictures and write something anything about vintage cards. I call vintage anything made 1989 and older. I really like early 80s and 70s goaltenders. Brown pads and badass masks.

Martin Sasseville said...

Of course I cherish my 1990-91 Score Top prospect will so much love! Link played for jonquière when I was still living there, he was a fucking riot, I saw a couple of his 15 games he played there, but we were very scared to ask him if he wants to come for a beer!

You sould do buttons with Paul Baxter's 1982-83 OPC Penalty League leader! Or Dennis Herron's League leader pix of the same year is killer, Or Dennis with th eKanasa City scouts! Any Kansas City Scouts button would be great! Or Herold Snepts. Or Terry o'Reilly! People forgot how insane Terry Was!

Bruce said...

I'm about to make a Harold Snepts, and I'm going to look into the Dennis Herron card.

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