Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Worst Ever Hockey Cards #19

Doug Bonner, Seattle Thunderbirds, 1995 Signature Rookies, hockey, hockey cards, WHLWorst Ever Hockey Cards #19
#5 - Doug Bonner
1995 Signature Rookies

Surprisingly, Signature Rookies managed to fart out one more set after the 1994 Roman debacle. As much as I was hoping the 1995 cards would have a wild west theme, SR decided to go for a more toned-down kind of ugly. While SR did not shell out to license the team's logo, they were nice enough to spend a few seconds photoshopping "Seattle" onto the jersey. In case you were wondering, Bonner's pro career consisted of a handful of games in the AHL and a few seasons kicking around the ECHL and UHL. There are only 4,499 more of these floating around... you better grab 'em before they're gone.