Friday, July 18, 2008

Wish List #3

Pavel Bure, Landshut Cannibals, DEL, hockey card, ugly jersey#442 - Pavel Bure
95-96 DEL

In one game with the Landshut Cannibals of the German Elite League during the 94-95 NHL lock-out, Bure managed to get three goals and a sweet hockey card. I can appreciate any jersey that would not look out of place in the RHI . You can't tell from the front of this card, but those savages on Bure's jersey are actually holding a bone hockey stick! I found a site made by a person who owns Bure's game jersey from Landshut. He has a photo of the back of the jersey.

I thought I could get this card off of eBay for a buck, but it shot up to $25 since I last looked. I guess have to settle for friggin' 'Prince Pavel'.