Sunday, October 7, 2007

92-93 Score Canadian

fredrik olausson, wayne gretzky, winnipeg jets, score, 92-93, nhl, hockey, hockey cardEven though it's missing the Crunch Crew and has no horizontal player cards at all, 92-93 Score is considerably better than the previous year's set (though still far behind the excellent 90-91 set). There isn't a ton of action on these cards, but there are a few good goalie and slapshot cards that keep things interesting. The set also includes season leaders, franchise players, 91-92 highlights, prospects (this prospect appeared in all of 21 NHL games and won just two of them), the pimply rookie dream team, the regular dream team (I still prefer bad paintings), award winners, and a few oddball extras like the Memorial Cup Champion Kamloops Blazers, 50-goal scorer Maurice Richard, father and son Kevin and Bill Dineen, '92 Stanley Cup Champions (this is the happiest I've seen Kevin Stevens and Bryan Trottier since they called Brian Bellows a "tit-fucker"), and Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning expansion team cards that show their sad-sack rosters on the backs.

It's nice that Score went back to a small simple border more like the one they had in 90-91, rather than the big red, blue, or purple borders they had in 91-92. Score also released an 92-93 American set that has the same numbering as the Canadian set (except that Jay Wells and Mick Vukota replace the two Maurice Richard cards that the Canadian set has), but different photos and an uglier design.

Five of my favourites:

#17 - Gary Suter - Another nice slapshot.

#25 - Kevin Stevens - Some snow spraying can also make for a nice card.

#182 - Dave Snuggerud - I have a soft spot for bad players on bad teams, but not as much as the guy who runs this blog. He's collected autographs from some of the most unknown and unappreciated hockey players ever, such as Troy Gamble, Derek Laxdal, and Per Djoos, to name a few.

#304 - Kay Whitmore - I'm surprised he doesn't have any of Kay Whitmore as well.

#417 - Kirk Mclean/Tim Cheveldae Season Leader - Putting two goalies on a card is always a good idea.

Also, I fixed my original post called "Hockey Cards Rule." For some reason blogger deleted a bunch of it, but it's all back now.


hockeydad said...

You think if they had enough photoshop capabilities to make that tacky St.Louis logo in the background of the rookie dream team card, they would be able to take out a few of the zits while they were at it.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

I've been into that autograph-collectors blog as well and i can only agree with you, and add that he could just as well be collecting autos from people on the streets. Very depressing blog in my mind.
When it comes to your post, as the swede i am, i got to tell you that Par Djoos, or Pär Djoos, was a pretty talented offensive defenseman. When he got bam north america he came to my hometown team the Frölunda Indians where he was unfortunately a bust. He then found his game playing for Salmings old team Brynäs IF, wehere he collected a swedish championship in 1999 as well as appearing in that years World Championships.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

Also, if i remember correctly i think that Dave Snuggerud nowadays is making his living as a teacher in Minnesota, maybe the autograph collector with the boring blog would be interested in that info? 8)

Bruce said...

I agree that the blog is a little depressing, but I think if I was an autograph collector I'd go for the nobodies too. Everyone has Wayne Gretzky's autograph, that's no big deal. But I bet not many people have cared to track down Troy Gamble in the last 15 years. At least no one from Vancouver has.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

I can only speak for myself, by i collect for my sake, not to show off. Therefore Gretzky would and will be one of my priorities to collect an auto of, a certified that is. I dont deal with in persons that i myself has'nt collected.
He is expensive though, and my main interests is Penguins and Jason Pominville in Buffalo, since we were born on the exakt same day.
I love it all, excepts pathetic parallells and inserts, game-used and autos numbered to under a hundred. Those are for loosers to show off, god damn, why dont they use their money on their families or to gain something instead of them selves?

Anonymous said...