Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hockey Card of the Day #2

Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings, Upper Deck, 90-91, hockey, hockey cards, nhl, hologram NNO - Steve Yzerman
90-91 Upper Deck Hologram Stickers
Worst Ever Hockey Card Set #1

Usually when you look at these holograms you just have to take Upper Deck's word that there's a hockey player somewhere in the blur. But today I found out something exciting: if you hold the card at just the right angle, with perfect lighting (indirect light that's not too dark or too bright) and then close one eye and squint with the other, you can not only see the number on the player's arm clearly enough to positively identify him as Steve Yzerman, but you can see another player behind Yzerman who I think may be Brett Hull! And to think that Upper Deck was considering pulling these cards from production for lack of quality!


shanediaz82 said...

Hah, I remember wasting a lot of time that I'll never get back trying to identify the players in these crappy holograms. I don't know what Upper Deck was thinking...

Anonymous said...