Sunday, May 6, 2007

Score 91-92

Score gave it a good try, but their 91-92 set just doesn't stand up to their excellent 90-91 series. The diagonal red border works okay on the regular cards, but is very overpowering on the horizontal cards which were the company's strong point in the 90-91 set.

I guess that part of my problem with this, and most of the other 91-92 sets, is that there were just too many of these cards around. There were no shortages of the previous years' cards, but these cards, at the time, were easier to find than a Calgary Flames jersey at the Saddledome. I guess I lost a little enthusiasm when I started putting together my third complete set. By the time I finally stopped getting these cards as birthday presents I didn't even look at the cards in the pack-- I'd just open them and put them in a box. But I don't want to complain too much. It is still better than the uncollectible sets they have now.

Anyway, Score 91-92 has most of the same content from the previous year, though they do add in some brothers, highlights, season leaders, the Crunch Crew, and a few Lafleur paintings just to make things interesting.

Five of my favorites:

#72 - Dave Gagner -It is well documented that Grant Fuhr was doing cocaine during the peak of Edmonton's dynasty in the mid-80's. I wonder if golf ball eyes here also needed an extra kick to get going. He mellowed out by the time they took his photo for the back.

#261 - Man of the Year - This card was pretty hot when it first came out.

#304 - Shark Attack! - I'd nominate this as one of the worst cards of all time. Another, even worse, look at the Sharks' sad roster mostly made up of career minor leaguers.

#312 - Wayne Gretzky Franchise - Gretzky could look pretty androgynous at times. Like when Andy Warhol painted him.

#307, 308, 309 - The Crunch Crew - They're all worth seeing.

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Stu said...

oh man.. i remember the crunch crew.. it reminded me of chocolate bars

Jonny Chance said...

This set confused me a lot. There were red Canadian cards and blue Canadian cards (I assume the blue are second series?, purple American cards whose numbering didn't correspond to Canadian numbering at all, and green American cards whose numbers were accompanied by 'T's. what's the deal?

Bruce said...

the red cards were the canadian series 1, the blue were canadian series 2. purple were the US cards, they didn't have a second series so they just took out all the crap from the two canadian sets and made one set. i think the other cards you mentioned with the 'T' was the Rookie and Traded set that Score released for a couple years.

Doogie said...

Man, I thought those Crunch cards were cheesy when I was six.

So far, you seem to be covering all the hockey cards of my childhood. Time to check the archives for the 90-91 Pro Set, because I think that was the first complete set I had. Good stuff.

Kliph Nesteroff said...

Cam Neely isn't even checking anybody in the picture. It's like "Bam!" Neely shits his pants.

Anonymous said...