Friday, May 18, 2007

Pro Set 91-92 Series I

I may have lost my original set of Pro-Set 91-92 Series I, but I managed to pull nearly the whole French Series I from my many boxes of random common cards. I'm not going to say too much about the set, you can read my comments below in the entry on Series II, but I did want to post my five favorites:

#186 - Tom Barrasso - This is a great photograph and probably the best card that Pro-Set ever made.

#5 - Cam Neely - Kick his ass, Sea Bass.

#65 - Dave Barr - You don't get too see many hits on hockey cards.

#176 - Ron Hextall - Kick saves and glove saves are my two favorite things to see on hockey cards.

#14 - Darrin Shannon - This guy's is getting held behind the net in his series two card as well.

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