Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1992 - Action Hockey Freaks

1992 Action Hockey Freaks PackI've been looking at a bunch of other sports card blogs today and they all seem to be into listing what they pulled from whatever boring pack of cards. That's all they do, they open a pack of cards and list what was inside. Most of them don't even scan the full pack. Laammee.

But if that's what people want, I'm prepared to compromise. So here it is: One pack of 1992 Action Hockey Freaks!

Just in case you missed this set when it was first released, Hockey Freaks is a set of the fictional futuristic Atomic Hockey League which is set in the 2034. Sounds like a winner to me!

SP1 - Detroit Unemployed
Not just a foil sticker, but very topical too!
#6 - The Stuntson Brothers - Boston Stranglers

#14 - Charlie Horse - Chicago Gangsters
This guy is into branding other players' asses with a 'G'.
#23 - Brad Luck - Detroit Unemployed#31 - Wayne Grizzly - Los Angeles Pollution
Must be a good pack if I pull the Gretzky parody. #41 - Great Sesame - Montreal Flying Hasbeens#48 - Greg Proctor - New York Scums#56 - Boulhouboulhou Boulhou - Ottawa Mountees
And finishing off the pack is a racist caricature. Awesome! The back of this card is worth reading.


DWB said...

Do you see that Yahoo's Puck Daddy is starting a regular feature that is essentially your blog?,118598&post_comment=1&success=0&comment_body=a+great+blog+that+already+kind+of+does+this+is+Get+high+on+hockey.+pretty+funny.#post

Bruce said...

Haha, yeah. They asked to use my images for something a long time ago, and I said it was okay, but that post was a little too close to my original blog posting.

They definitely aren't the first to rip-off my blog though.

I'm glad you noticed anyway.

Martin Sasseville said...

These were even translated in French! I never bought any though... That's sad :(

Propajondhi said...

I can feel for the Detroit Unemployed.. Its exactly my situation right now.

Kliph said...

I had bought a pack of these when they came out although I didn't remember what they were called - or what they looked like - I just remember the team stickers. There was another culturally insensitive moment with their awful "Quebec Frogs" team sticker.

Who was responsible for these anyway?

Anonymous said...


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