Friday, November 2, 2007

90-91 7th Inning Sketch WHL

jason fitzsimmons, moose jaw warriors, whl, western hockey league, goalie, 7th inning sketch, 90-91I've already covered part of this set in a previous post, but since I found an unopened box of these cards in the back of a dingy card shop under a pile of old Playboys and New Kids on the Block cards, I decided it was worth another post.

There are more errors in 7th Inning Sketch's WHL set than in a little league baseball tournament. The errors range from spelling mistakes (Brian Sakic's card says "Buan Sakic", Turner Stevenson plays "Ring Wing" and Corey Schwab was drafted in the "nonth round"), to putting the wrong backs on cards (Jeff Calvert's stats and info are on the back of Paul Dyck's card, and Paul Dyck's stats and photo are on the back of Paul Calvert's card), to leaving out cards 121, 150, and 262 (they partially made up for it by having two cards numbered both 149 and 284), to messing up countless players' stats and info (Dean Tiltgen is listed as a goalie even though both photos clearly show him as a skater, and his stats say he scored 117 goals and 202 points, which couldn't be possible since a trivia question on another card asks you to name the only WHL player to score 200+ points in one year (the answer is Rob Brown)).

Skipping over the few hundred other mistakes, here's a sample of the rest of the set:


hockeydad said...

should it be called "rapist" hair instead of hockey hair?

Anonymous said...


Adam said...

I was wondering if you were willing to part with card #104? The only way I was able to find your post is because you mention him in your post. He happens to be my realtor! I think it would be awesome to give it to him. I haven't been able to find these types of cards anywhere! I didn't even know they made cards for WHL.

B said...

you should try all my cards are in storage. sorry.