Tuesday, September 25, 2007

92-93 Upper Deck

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With 640 cards between the high and low series', Upper Deck didn't leave anything out if it's 92-93 set. On top of the base cards that cover everyone from Wayne Gretzky to Grigori Panteleev, the set includes painted team checklists (though they aren't as striking as the ones in the 90-91 set), brothers (this time the Linden's are on roller blades instead of the Bure's), the '92 Finnish World Junior team, Russian stars, '92 World Hockey and '93 World Junior Championship cards, trophy winners, young guns, lethal lines, and more.

Of all the sub-sets, my favorite is the Rookie Report where hockey experts predict that Pat Falloon "has many 50-goal seasons ahead of him (he only managed two 50-point seasons in his disappointing career)," and that Tom Draper will be Buffalo's goalie of the future, while Dominik Hasek is merely "unpredictable" and "fun to watch (Hasek took Draper's spot in Buffalo in the 92-93 season)." An honorable mention goes to the player profiles that fill-out the last twenty cards of the set. There's nothing like reading boring answers to generic questions and looking at the sweet shoes that Jaromir Jagr wears, or Doug Gilmour trying to be a badass and talking about riding his "hawg." What a dink. I only wish that on Brian Bellows' profile they would have shown him holding his own hockey card.

With all those sub-sets, Upper Deck could have easily done a half-assed job of the base cards, but once again they made a classy design. The borders are simple and much smaller than the previous year leaving more room for exciting action shots-- and there are lots of them. For many sets it's tough to pick five cards that stand-out from the rest of the pack, but for this set I had to cut it down from at least 25 very good cards.

So here they are, five of my favourites:

#181 - Bob Bassen - There is so much to take in on this card. The crowd's reaction is an interesting as the defender's.

#177 - Brian Propp - Getting tripped on the front, and getting tripped on the back.

#338 - Igor Korolev - The guy with the mustache isn't allowed to sign autographs for kids under 18.

#263 - Petr Nedved - Upper Deck's photographer in Los Angeles loves that fisheye lens.

#497 - Tomas Jelinek - You need to see the back of this card to fully appreciate why Tomas Jelinek is the Lanny McDonald of unibrows.


hockeydad said...

if he's falling down so much, maybe they should "PROPP" him up.

Jonny Chance said...

This is probably the best blog you've done so far. Lots of hockey cards and hillarious.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

I dont have the card nor the scan here, but the best card of Tomas Jelinek's McD is on his 1995 Semic World Championships card. There he really shows off in his full splender.

Bruce said...

Thanks Stephen. I had to pick it up a bit because someone stole my blog idea. Look at http://5050hockeyraffle.blogspot.com and see if it reminds you of anything.

As for the other Tomas Jelinek card, I looked for it on ebay but couldn't find it. If you find a picture of it anywhere, post it on here.

Will said...

Any plans on writing about the 1991-92 Upper Deck set?

Two things have always puzzled me about that set.

1) Upper Deck airbrushing off the 'CCCP' off the front of the Soviets jerseys in the cards from the 1991 Canada Cup.

2) Including players from Switzerland and Germany in the World Junior set back in the days when those countries were mediocre at best, but not including players from Finland, for example.

Bruce said...

I don't own that set yet. It's on my list of ones to get. Maybe you should write about it and send it to me.

Anonymous said...