Sunday, September 30, 2007

91-92 Score Young Superstars

theoren fleury, score young superstars, score, young superstars, 91-92, calgary flames, nhl, hockey, hockey cardsI guess finding 40 young stars is a harder task than it seems. Score's Young Superstar set does have a few legitimate superstars, but it also includes players who are either not young (John Cullen, 27 in 1991), or not stars (I'll bet you all my Pro-Set cards that that was only time Murray Baron was ever called a superstar), or neither (Chris Terreri). This is a pretty average set all-around.

Three of my favourites:

#17 - Bob Essensa - If I can see one goalie stack the pads in a shootout this season, I'll be happy.

#30 - Eric Lindros - Score had made more than 20 Eric Lindros cards before he had even played a single game in the NHL. They finally went too far when they started sticking him in the background of other people's cards.

#34 - Pat Elynuik - What arena would the Jets be playing in that has clear boards?

92-93 Score Young Superstars
Scott Neidermayer, New Jersey Devils, Score, Young superstars, 92-93, nhl, hockey, hockey cards
It's like the time I handed in the same essay for two classes. Pretty lazy.