Sunday, April 29, 2007

91-92 High Liner Centennial Collector's Series

High Liner Fish Sticks
Centennial Collector Series
#27 - Pittsburgh Penguins
(See Back)

Back when things were going good for hockey and hockey cards, everybody wanted a piece of the action, even High Liner Fish Sticks! They released this poorly cropped set of the 28 different Stanley Cup Champion teams through the first 100 years the Cup was awarded. It's not often that you get to see four goalies in a team photo like this, especially since Bruce Racine (the furthest to the right) never played a game with the Penguins in his career.

Other Cards:
#16 - Montreal Maroons
# 19 - Montreal Canadiens

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Stu said...

this is a comment on the previous post...

the Pro-Set 90-91 was what got me into collecting cards.. our teacher at school would give us packs as a reward for finishing work.. i remember finding all the cards with spelling errors and being excited because they were worth more..

The Score 90-91 set is one of my favourites.. was Score the only set that issued separate US and Canadian sets? (actually i think Parkurst issued french sets).. The Canadian one were always worth more.. My favourite of that set would have to be the Eric Lindros future superstar.. that Gretzky one is great too..

I didn't get into upper deck until their 91-92 set.. I always thought the marble border was kind of weird.. but their hologram logo was pretty rad..

Jonny Chance said...

I have a bunch of French Upper Deck 91-92 (or possibly 92-93?) cards, maybe there's more split sets?

The Score 90-91 are definitely fantastic. My favourite was the (i think) Goals Against Average leaders card with Patrick Roy and Mike Luit side by side. Even though they weren't doing anything, two goalies on one card.

Bruce said...

I think Score was the only one to do Canadian and American sets. Pro-Set 91-92 had French and English sets. I guess Topps was kind of like the American O-Pee-Chee. The cards were basically the same, except Topps darker and just poorer quality and the set was smaller.

Fredrik Vilborg said...

Since it does not seem to be able to comment on your post "Hockey Cards Rules" i do it here instead:
I hear you on the others but to call Sergei Mylnikov a bum in the text, whilst linking to his card is just dead off, he was the goalie for Canada in the 1987 Canada Cup! You cant blame him all too much for that his stats sucked as a goalie for the Nordiques in 1990 eh?

As for everything else: Great blog man!