Friday, September 5, 2008

Box of shitty cards!

Bujar Amidovski, 98-99 Topps, CHL, OHL, St. Michael's Majors, hockey, hockey cards, goalie
My friends from Calgary gave me a big box of random hockey and baseball cards. Most of them were shitty, some of them were funny, all of them smelled like hippie.

Five of my favourites:

#45 - Gino Odjick - 93-94 Parkhurst Emerald Ice - Can you believe the Canucks traded this guy for Jason Strudwick? Forget the Luongo deal, this was Keenan's worst trade ever.

#28 - Eric Lindros - 98-99 Collector's Choice Starquest - The ugliest card in the box award winner!

#5 - Sergei Samsonov - 98-99 Pacific Aurora Championship Fever - For this set they had ten different people all design one small part of the card without seeing what the others were doing.

#645 - Alex Fernandez - 1991 Upper Deck Baseball - I don't usually write about baseball cards, but since they were in the box I thought I could at least show this card because number 13 is wearing a friggin' 'Can't Touch This' hat!

#NNO - Cleveland Indians - 1991 Upper Deck Team Holograms - The Indians logo is the most racist logo in sports. I can't believe they've been allowed to keep it for so long. Could you imagine a team getting away with this as a logo. It's about the equivalent.