Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wayne Van Dorp

Wayne Van Dorp, Chicago Blackhawks, O-Pee-Chee 90-91, hockey card#527 - Wayne Van Dorp
90-91 O-Pee-Chee

The local paper usually sits in the rain for a few days in front of my house before someone moves it, but today while I was stepping over it, Wayne Van Dorp's name caught my eye. I've always liked his 90-91 O-Pee-Chee card; the back is one of the best I've seen on any hockey card, it has a typo and talks about a pre-game blowup with Basil McRae. I thought Wayne Van Dorp had dropped off the face of the earth, but apparently he plays pick-up hockey with other retired pros at the same rink that I play at. They had this nice photo of Wayne.

Wayne Van Dorp, trucker


Jonny Chance said...

I always knew Wayne would make something of himself.

hockeydad said...

you should start a team with him and link gaetz

Bruce said...

in my dreams

Sal said...

Dude, Dorper was one of my favorite Blackhawks. When I was a kid, I cut out every photo or article about him for the Blackhawks scrapbook. I don't keep a scrapbook anymore, but I'd love a photocopy of that picture, if possible.

Bruce said...

if i can find where i put it, you can have it.

Sal said...

Cool, man. Thanks. I'm still sore that the 'Hawks let Dorper go in the '90 Waiver Draft. That was total bunk.

cwat said...

Hey Bruce, where is this rink Wayne plays at now?? I'm trying to track a few of the old Oil down to sign a jersey.

Bruce said...

the article said that he plays at the burnaby 8-rinks on wednesdays nights with a bunch of other retired pros.

also, sal, i found the picture if you still want it. let me know.

Sal said...


Yeah--could you send it to me? Please email me at, and we'll work something out.

Thank you!!!


Bruce said...

cwat, did you ever track down van dorp?

shotty said...

wayne was my hockey coach when i was in Atom, playing for Coquitlam Minor Hockey. he taught me a lot about the game (primarily that "shitty players dont get much ice time, so dont be a shitty player"). i ran into him about 2 years ago drunk out of his skull and chasing ass at The Roxy on Granville.

Bruce said...

what year(s) was he coaching in coquitlam? i played minor hockey in abbotsford and i'd like to be able to say i played against van dorp's team. i did play against garth butcher's team. i think he coaches in bellingham.

from now on i'm going to look the roxy differently. i always thought it was a place where douche bags go to collect std's, but now it's also the place where wayne van dorp goes to collect std's!

Rob said...

I see that card and I can smell bubblegum.....good times.

Anonymous said...

bruce: i'm thinking it was around '94. if we played abby at all, it would have been in tournaments, and you would have known. the guy was constantly fighting with refs... and parents for that matter. he always wore his team issue gear, and he had these fake teeth that he'd wiggle around to 'scare' us.

Anonymous said...

I met Wayne when he came to Erie PA to play for the Erie Blades.(83-84) I was in undergrad at Gannon U. and went to the game. I first met him at the local laundry and he insisted on standing on top of the table to fold his bed sheet which caused a hell of an argument with the girl in charge..LOL... A killer fighter though

Anonymous said...

Sukhi @ Quick Truck and Trailer....

I know Wayne from couple years. He is really nice and cool guy and always smiling. Any time we talk and make jokes, he's just smiling and he is extremely nice person.
May God bless you.

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